A diagnosis of terminal cancer hangs over twenty-eight year old Maddy Smith’s troubled life, proving beyond all doubt that if God does exist—which she is fairly certain that He does not—He definitely gave up on her long ago. And, as if fate is set to torment Maddy until the very end, Jake—her coworker and the man she secretly loves—declares his love for her just as she is set to die.

Hope seems all but lost when two mysterious doctors arrive offering Maddy an experimental genetic cure that may hold the key to physical immortality, but there is one condition: Maddy must leave everything, including Jake, behind.

Soon, Maddy finds herself caught in a world of deception, learning that something sinister threatens to control everyone with the false hope of eternal life. Will she choose to follow a God she never believed in, or stand beside the people who saved her from death? Maddy’s life, love and everlasting soul hang in the balance—and so does the fate of mankind.

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