Week 1

First off, Happy 237th  Birthday U.S. Marine Corps! Semper Fi!

Now, for our first week’s Giving Assignment:

In honor of Veteran’s Day tomorrow, this week I would like to focus on thanking all Veterans, especially those currently serving. Please take a moment to write a letter to a service member thanking him (or her) for his service. Get your kids involved too! When I was overseas, some of the most memorable letters I received were the ones from kids! Here are the guidelines from http://www.amillionthanks.org/send-letter-guidelines-get-started

A Million Thanks
17853 Santiago Blvd. #107-355
Villa Park, CA 92861

  1. Do not put letters or cards in individual envelopes or include additional postage.
  2. Send multiple letters together in the same envelope or box, but please bundle the letters in stacks of no more than 50 with rubberbands to keep them together. Bundle the letters or cards in like sizes.
  3. Do not send edible items or other care package items.
  4. Do not use glitter, confetti, or anything that is not securelyattached to the letter or card.
  5. Only include positive messages. Any negative messages will be discarded.
  6. Be creative! Draw pictures, talk about you, and let them know their service does not go unnoticed.
  7. Include your address or email address if you wish. Most military will write back to you!
  8. *Attention parents and/or teachers of young children: We ask that if children are too young to include a message of thanks, please write one on their behalf so our service members get a message along with a drawing.

If you would like to send themed cards, we ask that you respect the following deadlines:

1. Thanksgiving cards and letters should be postmarked no later than November 1.

2. Christmas/holiday cards and letters should be postmarked no later than December 1.

3. Valentines cards and letters should be postmarked no later than January 15.

4. Memorial Day themed cards should be postmarked no later than April 15.

5. Fourth of July themed cards should be postmarked no later than June 1.

**If any of the above guidelines and deadlines are not followed, please know your letters may not be sent. Thank you!

Take it Further:

If your heart moves you, consider contributing to a care package for a service member through either the USO or Operation Gratitude. Just follow the links to either site:

USO Care Package Donations

Operation Gratitude

Lastly, if you see members of the VFW out this weekend, buy a red poppy from them and thank them for their service! This is just one more way to honor your brave men and women in the Armed Forces.

Thank you all for your willingness to give! Have a blessed week and please keep me posted on your giving efforts!

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