Week 10-Brother Can You Spare A Dollar?

Okay, I have to admit that every once in awhile someone (thank you Gina) sends me a link that makes me jump up and down and yell, “YES!”

This is one of those links.

Dollar Per Month (read about them herehere) is a new-ish charity site that, I believe, will revolutionize the way people think about giving. Most, if not all of us can give $1 per month, can’t we? Imagine if millions of people donated $1 each month to a reputable charity. What a difference that would make!

But how do you know if you are giving to a reputable charity? I mean, let’s face it, we’ve all heard stories of charity scams, or those charities that spend more money on administrative costs than the actual cause they claim to support. That is what is fantastic about this site. Dollar Per Month profiles 3 charities that, according to their site, “are selected based on financial responsibility, disclosure, and actually making a difference.  Only charities where the vast majority of donations go directly to the cause are chosen.”

And, just in case you want to have some say in which charity gets your donation, each month you have the chance to vote for your favorite featured charity to help determine a winner—but not to worry, no charity “loses.” Again, according to their website, “At the beginning of each month, three new charities are available for you to evaluate. After reviewing the charities, you vote for your favorite charity. The winning charity receives 50% of the community donations, the 2nd charity receives 30%, and the 3rd charity receives 20% .”

Now, I know most everyone is thinking, “Yeah, but will I really be able to donate just $1?”  I’m happy to report the answer is YES! You can give as little as $1, or you can give as much as you want! The choice really is yours.

Okay, there is one catch I have to let you in on: you will need to sign up for a “membership” where you will commit to donating (via credit or debit card) either a recurring monthly or annual gift amount. Of course, you are able to change that amount on your profile page, or deactivate your account at any time, so you are not roped into a long-term commitment.

So, if you are interested in learning more about this great site, or think you can spare $1 month to charity (come on, you know you can) then follow this link and sign up!

Have a wonderful week everyone, and Happy Giving!

PS- These guys are from our area, so at least head over and check out the site!

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