Week 16

Today, March 1st, marks two years since my mother lost her battle with cancer. To say that it is an emotional day for our entire family is an understatement. If you have lost a parent, you understand the empty space that remains in your heart when one, or both are gone.

My mom and I didn’t have the perfect relationship—she was sometimes akin to “Monica’s Mom” from the tv show friends—but despite our struggles, I miss her. I miss our lengthy, silly conversations about nothing. I miss how she blinked in 3 out of every 4 pictures. I miss her screwing up common expressions—in our house you were to never laugh a gift horse in the face, and you often passed tests with flying stars. I even miss our mother-daughter disagreements and her nagging. I miss so much that I took for granted while she was here, but most of all, I miss her, the “Monica’s Mom” mannerisms and all.

This week’s challenge is to find a way to honor your parents. If one or both are still with you, perhaps you can call them and tell them how much you love them. Send them a card or a gift. Remind them how much they mean to you. If one or both have passed on, do something to honor their memory—donate to a cause they supported, visit the place they are laid to rest, or perhaps you can visit a place they loved to go themselves.

I am also aware that some parent/child relationships are strained beyond repair. If you fall into this category, pray for your parent(s) and pray for your own healing. Pray that you have the strength to forgive them for whatever hurt you feel, and try, if you can, to make amends, because once they are gone, there will be no other opportunity. If this is not possible, then just pray.

I don’t have a take it further this  week. Just love your parents and, if you are a parent yourself, take extra time this week to show your kiddos how much you love them. Life flies by too quickly, don’t miss it after it’s gone.

Peace be with you, brothers and sisters.

4 responses to “Week 16

  1. Amen!! I miss my mom every single day. She was my best friend, travel partner, made me laugh harder than anyone and knew me better than anyone. She will never be replaced. I lost my dad when I was 21 so that hurt has faded…but to not have any parents to lean on or to know they have your back is hard. My heart shares your pain!! Hugs to your family.

  2. Well, this effectively made me cry. My parents died within 6 months of each other 24 years ago and I do miss them. I miss them for myself, but especially for their grandchildren – some of whom never got to meet them – who were so young when they died and, of course, for the possibility that they were both young enough that they would have enjoyed their great-grandchildren. I share your heart, Kirsten and again, you’ve touched me with your insightful writing! God bless your memories of your Mom.

  3. I love you Jan! I know what you mean about missing her for her grandchildren. Emma still tells me how much she misses her Nana, and the rest weren’t old enough to remember her well. Hugs to you!

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