Week 21- A Little Late But Getting Back on Track…

Despite the best of intentions, it is painfully obvious that blogging has fallen off my scope lately.

Changes have forced my life to become exponentially more busy than before, and being the procrastinator I am when overwhelmed with too many things going on at the same time, I continued with the excuse that “I’ll get to my blog tomorrow.”

Thus, when I ended up one week behind, I put pressure on myself to do some “extra credit” by making the next week’s blog that much better, knowing I would need a little more time to do it—time I did not have—and well, that’s how I am now three weeks out of the loop.

So, instead of placing a ton of pressure on myself to write the perfect post to make up for those three missed weeks, I am asking for forgiveness and patience as my family and I work through our new schedules, and I am starting where I left off at Week 21. I  acknowledge that my posts may not be as insightful or entertaining (if they ever were in the first place) for the next few months, knowing that this is a change of season in our lives, but I vow to be more consistent from here as I try to work out all the new kinks. Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Now that I’ve released my inner guilt-ridden persona, I am going to press forward and focus on this week’s giving challenge 🙂

It was a tumultuous news week here in the United States. With so many stories of senseless, murderous violence circulating, even I can find it difficult remembering that there is good out there. It is easy to become angry or fearful. It is also just as easy to give up on this world and become apathetic toward everyone and everything.

This week, I challenge you to introduce yourself to and talk with someone new—someone who, perhaps, you think is not the type of person you would normally be friends with. Maybe this is someone at work, or at the coffee shop on the corner. The goal here is to step out of your comfort zone and have faith that there are good people around us who may not look, think or act the way we do. Yes, maybe you will be met with disappointment, but then again, maybe that other person will gain a new perspective on who you are.

Go out, be a light in the darkness!

God Bless!

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